Founder of Alison Munro Corporate Language, Alison Munro has trained business leaders to become speakers in English for over 20 years.

Indeed, words, and the way in which they are conveyed, having always been a passion for her, became a vocation.

Alison is an expert trainer, voice coach and speaker.

Born in Bristol, a classical studies graduate from the University of Reading, Great Britain, Alison Munro arrived in France in 1982 and worked as a language trainer, in agri-food multi-nationals and advertising agencies.

In 1989, she became an independent consultant. Facing the need for businesses to make their voice heard at international level, as a pioneer, she then supported professionals through her novel and specific training courses.

After setting up her company in 2005, working with a network of experts, she initiated her famous public speaking training workshops. To do this, she studied with Members of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, going on to qualify in advanced executive public speaking skills.

Driven by a personal story and a significant encounter linking her to science and medicine, Alison Munro specialised in health. She successfully convinced internationally renowned experts and gained recognition in their ecosystem.

Elected representatives of the European Institutions call on Alison to accompany them in the preparation of their speeches.

She is also Master of Ceremonies and pitch coach at Hacking Health Camp Strasbourg.

Alison Munro Corporate Language is located in Strasbourg but Alison works throughout France and across Europe.


Her extensive experience, her empathy and her energy. In accordance with your wishes, she can hold sessions in English or French.


I have the pleasure of working with some fantastic
people who are achieving extraordinary things.
Every day is a new discovery!

Alison Munro

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