Our approach:

Our approach places you at the heart of training.
We are deeply interested in you and your individuality.
Since we do not all learn at the same pace nor have the same aptitudes, we take time to examine your project and your need in accordance with your temperament in order to propose the training that will best suit you.
Individual, group or immersion in London, all our training courses take into account your field of activity and are tailor-made with your professional documents.

Our work:

Our work is based on learning-by-doing and the pleasure to learn and achieve.
To this end, we foster assessment, improvement and positive reinforcement.

Our method:

Our method Alison Munro Corporate Language “learning-by-doing” blends action (experimentation, role-playing, real-life situations, audio-visual recordings, vocal and written exercises), representing around 80% of training time, with theory.


Alison Munro Corporate Language has obtained DataDock certification, a single database for vocational training based on quality.
It enables professional training financing organisations to verify the compliance of training organisations to the six quality criteria defined by Law.

Tailor-made trainings


We have worked with Alison Munro Corporate Language for over 10 years. Alison is a high-level partner and a reference solution for employees wishing to further develop their presentation and negotiation skills in English. Based on individual coaching and communication consultancy, Alison’s work brings a much appreciated dimension of personal development to the linguistic aspect.

Dr Eric Quéméneur
Deputy CEO, Transgene

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