Public speaking for health entrepreneurs

Public speaking for health entrepreneurs

Alison Munro Corporate Language

What boosts your self-confidence, increases your visibility, and grows your business?

We believe that authentic speaking and strong human connection are the two major skills to acquire and nurture in life, professionally and personally.

Become a remarkable speaker who inspires trust!

Transform into the new generation virtual speaker!

What increases your visibility, boosts your self-confidence​ and grows your business?​

Becoming a good speaker who inspires confidence!​

We believe that speaking with authenticity and establishing a human connection is one of the key skills to acquire and nurture in life,​ professionally and personally.​

What increases your visibility,

boosts your self-confidence

and grows your business?

Becoming a good speaker

who inspires confidence!

We believe that speaking with authenticity

and establishing a human connection is one

of the key skills to acquire and nurture in life,

professionally and personally.

Alison Munro Corporate Language enables leaders and entrepreneurs, notably in the field of Health, to become successful authentic speakers, in all formats – presential, virtual, hybrid.

Whatever your situation, from lab bench to early-stage business to the boardroom, we provide customized training and coaching adapted to each individual’s personality and specific needs.

We work closely with you on the three pillars of your communication: verbal, visual, and vocal.

And because speaking, captivating and persuading in public, especially in a language that is not your own, represents a major challenge, we help you to:

  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Become an attractive and natural speaker & leader
  • Enhance your virtual presence

My Voice is Yours®

Let me be your voice! Alison offers her fascinating and convincing voice to deliver your message.

Specialized in the field of Health Innovation, she acts for the audiovisual world and professional events, in multiple settings – presential, virtual or hybrid.


She records Voice Over and Narration in British English for all formats, working closely with sound engineers, film makers and post-production teams.


Alison brings out the best in people and makes your event rewarding for your audience. She is an outstanding, vibrant and well-prepared Professional Conference Moderator.

Our training & coaching services

We are committed to working in a caring, constructive and confidential environment!

All our work is delivered online and by Alison Munro, our expert trainer and coach.

We follow the same processes and principles as before and continue to put the human relationship at the heart of our work. Discover our freshly designed and engaging solutions for the new normal in learning! If you would like us to design a bespoke solution to meet your specific needs, we would be happy to help. Please contact us


Discover the foundations of communication and public speaking in three fast-paced sessions!

1. Crafting a Compelling Story 2. My Beautiful Slides® 3. Delivery! Whatever your situation - presenting to a jury, meeting potential partners, or stepping into a new leadership role - V I C T O R Y sets you on the road to success!

Drawing on our expertise and case studies, our new Master Classes bring insight, skills, and techniques to deepen your knowledge and to hone your communication skills. Engaging, enlightening, enjoyable!

Investor pitch

Investor pitch

Whether you are experienced or new to the exercise, looking to refresh your techniques or learn the tricks of the trade, this Master Class sharpens your skills to take your pitch to a higher level.

public speaking

public speaking

We are all faced with public speaking opportunities in our professional and personal lives. And speaking in front of an audience of strangers or colleagues can be frightening. Why are some speakers so confident and eloquent, so persuasive and powerful?

Finding your english voice®

Finding your english voice®

Finding Your English Voice® is a language booster tailor-made to improve your English knowledge and skills, fast!

Communication coaching

Communication coaching

Top-class expert coaching leading you to success at a strategic event. You benefit from in-depth preparation of the substance and style of your intervention.

Communication Coaching

expert slide review

expert slide review

In-depth expertise to make sure your slides create the right impact!

Our specialist fields


Leaders, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Academics, Researchers, PhD, Health Professionals



Health, Life Sciences, Biotech, Medtech, Digital, Pharmaceutical, Innovation, Communication, Leadership



Academia, Research Institutes, Hospitals, Early-stage, Startups, Incubators, Accelerators, European Institutions

We work across Europe

Today, thanks to a strong network of experts and happy clients, Alison works all over France and in Europe.


Alison Munro's expertise

Recognized by key players in the European healthcare ecosystem, Alison is an:

Accredited expert coach-mentor at EIT Health France EIT Health UK-Ireland


Accredited provider at iPEPS Healthtech Hub Paris


Alison is an expert trainer, voice coach, and speaker with over 25 years' experience in the health sector.

She has coached over 300 teams, leaders, and startups to raise millions in funds, to become European laureates, and to advance healthcare around the world. Her expertise encompasses the three pillars of communication: verbal, visual, and vocal. Read more about Alison


Your words count!

Professional translations provided by native speakers. The Alison Munro Corporate Language team is composed of highly qualified and sworn translators to meet your expectations.

They trust us

Communicating and knowing how to convince,​

Communicating and knowing how to convince,

a fortiori in English, on sensitive issues such as science and medicine is a major challenge: we are not here to “market” but to “transmit” while simplifying our speech, by making it so attractive that our audience listens. And this is not innate! Being coached by Alison really changed my attitude to public speaking, I discovered the speaker I could be, and learned to find the right words. Thank you Alison!

Dr Raphaël BLANC CEO Co-founder BaseCampVascular Winner Universal Biotech Innovation Prize 2017

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