They trust us

Emeline Hahn

CEO co-founder FIZIMED Winner SmartHealth Budapest 2017, International start-up contest Grand Prix Sanofi

Alison’s coaching was decisive in the preparation of my pitch for the international SmartHealth competition Budapest which we won!

Very practical and efficient both for the vocabulary chosen and messages plus the specific public speaking coaching to gain in concision and impact. Alison’s responsiveness and professionalism make it great to work together.

Philippe Auvray

CEO Neurallys Finalist Boston 2016

I developed the Corporate Communication of my company Neurallys with Alison to prepare several international meetings.

Together we took an in-depth look at the presentations, how to introduce my subject, the speech itself and how to prepare before taking the floor. The efforts and coaching were successful, Neurallys having presented its work to the MassMedic congress in Boston (US) that concluded a contest in which Neurallys was a winner!

Frédéric Sottilini

CEO CarThera Investor Conference of the World Life Sciences Forum 2016

I worked with Alison to prepare my speech and key messages, for the purpose of a presentation to an international jury.

Our joint work was crowned with success: CarThera was selected and rewarded! Thanks to Alison’s professionalism and expertise in communication that teaches us how to captivate the public. I was able to identify my real value proposition and present it in front of a demanding audience. There can be no good presentation without thorough preparation… with an excellent coach!